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Joewell Supreme SPM BT

Joewell Supreme SPM BT
Joewell Supreme SPM BT
The award winning Supreme SPM has been developed by a culmination of extensive in salon research, and Joewell’s unique technical knowledge, resulting in their most durable and hard wearing blade. Through a new unique manufacturing process, called Powder Metallurgy Processing, steel materials are baked in a powder form to create a much smoother metal. This process provides a superior blade strength, excellent wear resistance, for a longer cutting life, and greater corrosion resistance. Other features include a 3D handle, a matt finish, and a finger rest covered with silicone rubber to provide greater comfort and stability when holding the scissors. The Joewell SPM series has been awarded the iF Design Award 2018

Material: Powder Metal Alloy 
Blade: Sword & Flat Blade 
Screw Type: Dry Bearing 
Handle Shape: Offset 
LH/RH: Right Handed 

Stock Code: 2200   Size: 5.5"
Stock Code: 2201   Size: 6"
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