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Joewell ZN

Joewell ZN
Joewell ZN
With an ergonomic designed, offset handle, which enables a comfortable and easy to use cutting position. A permanent short length finger rest, to give more manoeuvrability, and blades that are a combination of a Sword and Convex blade, the ZN delivers not only a powerful cut, but an unrivalled cutting edge. Blades are made of Supreme Stainless Alloy to give a longer scissor life. A light and smooth cutting action is provided by the Dry Bearing Screw System, which also features an anti scratch diamond like coating on the screw cover. Contains less than 0.6% nickel to help prevent metal allergies.

Material: Supreme Stainless Alloy 
Blade: Top Sword Blade & Bottom Convex Blade 
Screw Type: Dry Bearing 
Handle Shape: Offset 
LH/RH: Right Handed 

Stock Code: 2172   Size: 5"
Stock Code: 2173   Size: 5.5"
Stock Code: 2174   Size: 6"
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